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Mike Gordon on No Repeats at the Baker’s Dozen: “Repeat is the whimpier choice”

October 10, 2017

Speaking to Gothamist, Mike Gordon shed some light onto Phish's decision to go without repeats at the band's historic Baker's Dozen residency that saw the group play thirteen unique shows. 

"There were conversations," Gordon said of the early setlist discussions. "Repeat is the whimpier choice, so there's something kind of obvious about it. Originally, when we were talking about it, I remember someone saying—that someone being Trey—'You know, we can play the same song more than once. It’s no big deal.'" 

After the initial conversation with Anastasio, Gordon said the decision to go without repeats came quickly to the group. "Of course we're not going to do that." 

On the banner that now hangs in Madison Square Garden, Gordon acknowledged a sense of accomplishment, "I guess I felt like part of something. That was a good feeling. Like we all kind of did this together. So that was a good thing."