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Listen: Daft Punk and Jay Z Collaborate on “Computerized”

by Rob Slater on March 10, 2014

Earlier today, a track entitled "Computerized" found its way onto YouTube and into our hearts, as whoever posted the track claimed it to be a leaked song from an unnamed Daft Punk/Jay Z session, with Kanye West somehow involved on the production side. Of course, no confirmation was given by any camp, so naturally the first reaction was that this was indeed a fake track--not an uncommon occurrence in the Daft world.

However, thankfully, Pitchfork has confirmed that the song is indeed real and is in fact a Daft/Jay collaboration, however Kanye was not involved in the process. Suspicion arose when users on a Daft Punk Reddit noticed several similarities to samples the French duo used when scoring TRON, prompting most to believe this was a hoax. However, the connections still ran deep--with the main connection coming in the form of Yeezus himself. Jay and Kanye made Watch the Throne together in 2010, Kanye and Daft Punk have collaborated in the studio on several occasions, and finally Hov himself expressed the desire to work with Guy and Thomas following the release of his album The Blueprint 3.

After digesting all of that, go ahead and digest this new track from Daft Punk and Jay Z. No word on whether or not we'll see anything further from these three, but judging from this potentially unfinished song, more would be a-okay.


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