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Join the Relix Bracket Challenge For a Chance to Win a One-Year Subscription!

by Rob Slater on March 17, 2014

With the NCAA Tournament fast approaching, we here at Relix are challenging you, the music loving sports fan, to a bracket challenge. Here's the deal: head over to our group (Relix Magazine) on using this link, create a free account (click "Get Started"), fill out a bracket and click submit. After that, your job is done. The guys on the court do all of the heavy lifting while you yell at them through your television.

The winner (and here's the best part) will receive a free one-year subscription to Relix Magazine. That means all you have to do is beat the Relix staff (we're bringing our A-game) and everyone else who enters (also bringing said A-game), and you get eight brand new issues of Relix in the mail for the next year. The National Championship game will take place April 7 at Cowboys Stadium.

IMPORTANT: You must have your brackets finished by Thursday March 20, as that is when the first round begins. The brackets will lock after that and you won't be able to make any picks. If you don't make picks, you will lose. Despite certain ESPN rules, only one entry is allowed per person. I'd say best of luck, but that would just be a lie. Let the madness begin!


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