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Bob Weir: “I kind of lament not having put in more rehearsal time for Fare Thee Well”

July 02, 2017

In a new interview with the Chicago Tribune, Bob Weir spoke about Dead & Company's tour closer at Wrigley Field and also touched on how this band stacks up to the group assembled for the Fare Thee Well shows. 

Weir said the Fare Thee Well event was "full of spirit" but he admitted the band was under-rehearsed. "We hadn't been on tour," he said. "We'd done a couple of warmup dates and that was it. So we weren't, to my way of thinking, hot. We didn't have hot hands. I kind of lament not having putting in more rehearsal time for the Fare Thee Well shows, but it just wasn't possible given everybody's schedules." 

As for how Dead & Company stacks up, Weir said "the band we have onstage now is a much better band. It plays like a band rather than a bunch of guys who just sort of got together for a week or so and then did some gigs." 

Dead & Company's tour came to a close last night at Wrigley Field and the band has no further tour dates scheduled for the year.