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June 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tame Impala- Let It Happen
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Relix Rides Furthur

August 26, 2014

50 years after the Merry Pranksters made their fabled trip to New York, Furthur returned to Manhattan and Relix stepped on board.


Vid freezezzzzz

By Vin - 08/26/14

The original bus was left to rot and rust, it became a glorified planter. There are several ‘Further’ buses running, none of which is the original. Funny to see the re-enactors tho. I guess we are old when we can’t come up with any new ideas so we keep re-living the past. yuk.

By Cindy Longwell - 08/26/14

Looks like they had lots of fun Cindy…. Old and grumpy is no way live…. Try being happy!

By Tommy - 08/26/14

You’re either on or off the bus!How do I get on?

By Douglas Holt (aloha big island) - 08/27/14

That’s Zane keaseys, ken keaseys son an a few original pranksters ,there kids an ppl they r giving rides to too the next stop which they have been doing all summer not re-enactors. wow. (13);}

By Tangled up in blue - 08/27/14

The ppl in the video I don’t know about Zane prob didn’t want to b on camera but I met him an the real pranksters this year at the werkout festival an it was these ppl it was the same bus though

By Tangled up in blue - 08/27/14

It is definitely not the original bus.  The original rotted in the woods behind Kesey’s house.

By DL - 08/27/14

Well, they definitely pulled it out of the woods a few years back, with the intention of fixing it up:
Can’t seem to find any solid info on whether they succeeded at their herculean task of refurb; here’s a clue:
So yeah, it’s a bus.  THE bus?  learn more at

By Jedwin - 08/27/14

Aha.  The definitive story:
“On the evening of July 23, Zane Kesey navigated another, very similar bus, named Further with an “e,” out of the Oregon barn it shares with the original set of wheels, unusable after decades of decay, to begin what is expected to be a two-month journey.”

By jedwin - 08/27/14

ay yo to the hunny wid dem leggings

lemme just say


By LemmeGitWidYouGurl - 08/27/14

I’m very familiar with this bus and what is going on… I rode for a small portion of the “tour”. The Bus is somewhat of a replica of the original bus… in the way that it is painted and funky. Not functional. A party bus not meant for living in. People are being allowed to believe that this is a restored version of Furthur - “never trust a Prankster”. The original is far from restoration and is currently being stored on the Kesey Family Farm in a garage. Wording really throws folks off. This bus was purchased while Ken was still living in 1990 and it was taken on Dead tour etc. While many miles were put on this one- it is not the original and not even the concept of Furthur is being shared during this “celebration” of 50 years since the original ride. This is a commercial venture. It has been admitted openly by Zane himself. They are vendors. Nothing wrong with that- Just don’t be shady.

The “documentary” is 100% reenactment. Attempting to catch the past is absolutely what *is* going on. A shame that the reality of the current counter culture is not being caught on film considering the current truth really is a beautiful thing.

The eastern side of the US is being easily taken advantage of due to the fact that we rarely see this bus and no one really knows what the deal is. Even the media doesn’t have their facts together. The entire thing is making a mockery of the culture in the name of the almighty dollar. Jump on the train or use your brains. NFA

BTW- There is not ONE original Prankster riding that bus. AND… random riders are completely discouraged. There were only a couple picked up and as soon as they were picked up, the people “in charge” were looking for every way to discard them. Especially in light of the fact that anything that may ruin their chances of “getting into Lockn” was of top priority. Can’t be looking bad when trying to “make connections”. I could go on… ken might be rolling over in his grave.

By YouOughtaKnow - 08/29/14

I can tell you that the signs on the bus state that this is Kens second bus. The first bus died at Woodstock. Ken wouldnt let the journey end so they continued on many more years and aventures in this second bus.

All i know is that everyone on this trip has been golden!! But for this trip to work in these current times, It is not without rules. We couldnt be backstage without proper credentials, we hsbe to on our best behavior around the bus , and we couldnt have open drinks on the bus to protect its beauty. The rules are simple… be good to the bus and itll be good to you.

All i know is, the Pranksters are real and are out there spreading joy and happiness. Ken would be proud of the magic that continues. I know im smiling ear to ear.


By cecile - 08/30/14

It seems to me that some people are focusing on the wrong thing here. I’m an old hippie myself, and had the pleasure of seeing the bus and meeting some of the Pranksters at the Werkout Festival. The “authenticity” of this particular bus is unimportant. What is important is the message of peace, love and embracing the journey that is life. Just as the original Pranksters toured the country seeking to find themselves, so are the current crop of Pranksters. Embrace the journey you are on, meet other beautiful people, always keep growing and evolving. There are plenty of negative souls already on this planet, and life is too short to let such people rule your life. I commend the Pranksters for shining a little light and bringing a smile to the face of an aging, but unrepentant hippie. I’m guessing my reaction has been shared by thousands of others who have encountered these peace-loving vagabonds over the last several months. Roll on, Furthur.

By Billtheoldhippie - 08/30/14

I have been following this bus for a small portion of this trip. Yes there are two busses, the first one died at Woodstock in 1969 but Ken Kesey said “there is not only one further like there is not only one enterprise I don’t care how many ships there are.”  And I personally trust the Keseys, who bus it is.

There is a lot of trickery going on but it is only being done by the lovely band of prankster, as we should expect. Unfortunately not every prankster has understood what they are here for and that has resulted in a few bad eggs. They not here just to party, they are here to spread a message.

This trip is here to document how the 60’s has affected the culture today through art and music. Before the 60’s we didn’t have many of the civil liberties we have today. Tattoos, self expression, freedom to be Yourself and express weirdness etc were all frowned upon. Yes they are vending on this trip, but $1 per mile on a 15,000 mile journey and two rigs gets expensive quick. Specially because all the wonderful people who brought this to you have quit there jobs to be here.

All in all my experience with the bus has been unreal. I have met the kindest most welcoming people on that bus and I am honored they were able to come out and share it with the world.


By shaaananananaaa - 08/30/14

I have never seen any version of the bus ....only on film.however my delivery job led me to the la Honda home where “electric Kool-Aid acid test” began. doing that winding road for 7 yrs.  I often imagined neil squeelin tires around those curves love ya all   jay

By jay - 09/06/14



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