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Wilco Fan Loses Wallet at Brooklyn Show, Sort of Gets it Back

by Rob Slater on February 17, 2016

There's an understandable terror that courses through your body when you realize you've lost your wallet after leaving a concert. As Dwight Schrute told us in The Office, identity theft is not a joke. 

Reilly Flaherty, a gentleman who lost his wallet at the Wilco show on February 5th at Brooklyn's King's Theater, experienced such a misfortune and then got some redemption when he received a mysterious letter in the mail a few weeks later regarding the wallet. Except, something wasn't right. 

As Flaherty told the NY Post, the person who found his wallet sent the above letter, noting that his credit cards and "other important stuff" remained intact, but the person opted to keep the cash because he needed weed, the MetroCard because the fare is $2.75 now and the WALLET ITSELF because "it's kinda cool." What in the high holy fuck. 

Flaherty hilariously referred to this person as the "Walter White of wallet returning" and noted, " "I quickly went from being hysterical to like, this guy is selfish. It speaks to the New York mentality: I’m going to be nice but there’s going to be an asterisk."

Either way, watch Wilco cover David Bowie during this very show. 


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