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What Do We Think Bill Walton is Doing on TV Tonight During the National Championship Game?

by Rob Slater on January 09, 2017

Tonight, Clemson and Alabama will renew their rivalry with another meeting in the National Championship but that's looking to be an afterthought to whatever the hell Bill Walton has cooked up for the ESPN broadcast tonight. 

A tweet from Walton's wife Lori showed the 6'10" NBA Hall of Famer decked out in an Uncle Sam outfit complete with Grateful Dead shoes. Walton will indeed show up on the broadcast tonight in some capacity (neither team has a particularly "Uncle Sam" theme attached to them, so we shall see) and I'm fully expecting a "wave that flag" quote at some point. 

Lori, much like the rest of us, also cannot figure out what will be happening tonight. Tune in at 8, I guess. 
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