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Wetlands Preserve: The Early Calendar Years (Kickstarter Campaign)

February 11, 2014

Laura Bloch, who co-founded New York City's Wetlands Preserve along with her husband Larry back in 1989 has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a book that will compile the venue's monthly calendars between the years of 1989-1997. Laura explains, "This could have been an expensive and more expansive, hard-cover book attempting to span over 13 years, but larry’s vision was an affordable, hand-held keepsake of those early, printed monthly calendars. he knew that the complete collection is so much more than a record of plays – it’s brimming with memories and personal stories as well...Wetlands Preserved, the documentary, helped capture the Club’s complete story. Larry had a dream and I helped set the scene.These memories are for and about the folks that made the dance come alive. but anyone into the developing live-music scene of the 1990's would find this entertaining and informative.” Laura introduces Wetlands Preserve: The Early Calendar Years February 1989 - February 1997 via the video below...