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Watch: Sad Villanova Piccolo Girl Sits in with The Roots

Rob Slater | March 24, 2015

Let me introduce you to the Villanova Piccolo Girl, the poster child for March Sadness. She quickly rose to fame following Villanova's stunning loss to NC State in the third round of the tournament when the camera caught her working through some emotions while remaining committed to the piccolo. A true warrior. Look at that perserverance.

Villanova Piccolo Girl also goes by Roxanne Chalifoux, a member of the pep band at Villanova University. Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon invited Roxanne onto the show to sit in with none other than The Roots.

Not only did she get to jam with the house band, but Fallon also presented sweet Roxanne with a Tonight Show gift basket and got in touch with Taylor Swift, who gave her two tickets to a show on her tour. Roxanne didn't cry this time, either. Replay the segment below.