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Video: Mike Gordon Delivers Special Covers on Solo Tour

by Rob Slater on March 05, 2014

Needless to say, Mike Gordon is having a great deal of fun at the moment. As the Phish bassist rolls around the country with his solo band in support of their latest effort Overstep, he brings with him an anything goes spirit that is permeating through each show, making each more memorable than the last. And, with everything going on, he even found time to hop on stage with Bob Weir for a rendition of "Bird Song" in Boston. Watch the replay of that below.

Now, onto Mike's solo tour. Not only have the Overstep tunes seamlessly blended into the set in just a week, but Gordon has also managed to dig deep into his other band's catalog, reviving Phish tunes pronounced dead years ago such as "Spock's Brain" and the not-as-dead-but-barely-breathing "Meat."

The mark of the MGB tour thus far however have been the cover choices. Below, you will watch videos of the band cover The Flaming Lips' "Are You a Hypnotist?" and the recently disbanded Civil Wars' "Barton Hollow." Both on the opposite ends of the stylistic spectrum, both given unique spins by Gordon and company. Watch all four clips below.

"Spock's Brain"

"Are You a Hypnotist?"

"Barton Hollow"


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