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Watch Billy Joel Imitate Bruce Springsteen on Kimmel

October 20, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel continued his late-night television residency at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night, and of course the host had to welcome area legend Billy Joel on for a conversation and performance. At one point in the night, the two portions of the show got a little mixed, as Joel busted out an impromptu imitation of another Tri-State Area icon, Bruce Springsteen.

While discussing the recent Springsteen on Broadway performance that both Kimmel and Joel attended, Joel revealed that his favorite tune from The Boss was "Meeting Across the River." To prove his point, Joel guided bandleader Paul Shaffer through the chords to the song and presented his best gruff Springsteen voice for a couple of lyrics. Unsurprisingly, it was pretty spot-on:

During his appearance on the show, Joel also revealed that he will be extending his long-running monthly residency at Madison Square Garden (which continues tonight), along with the fact that many of the characters in his songs – like "Davy, who's still in the Navy" from "Piano Man" – are in fact based on real people. The conversation also touched on the fact that Joel doesn't sell his front-row tickets, instead selecting fans from the back rows to bring them forward each night. Watch that portion of the discussion, along with Joel's performance of his own "Miami 2017," below.