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Video: Umphrey’s McGee Goes Pro on “All in Time”

by Rob Slater on March 06, 2014

To kick off the second set of their tour finale at Chicago's Riviera Theatre, Umphrey's McGee delivered a standalone "All in Time" for the ages. Topping twenty minutes and including infectious improvisation throughout, the tone was set for the remainder of the show that would feature "Divisions," "Just What I Needed" and a "Cherub Rock" encore featuring Jimmy Chamberlin. Now, you can watch what the band saw on stage as they broke into the "All in Time" with this three-minute clip from the start of the show.

Umphrey's and GoPro have a long relationship, with videos all over YouTube featuring the HD cameras strapped to various body parts of the band members. While not actually being as gross as it sounds, check out Kris Myers' point of view during "Glory" at moe.down 2012 as well as the entire performance of "1348" from the band's New Years run in Atlanta.





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