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Video: Umphrey’s McGee Does Goodfellas

by Rob Slater on May 06, 2014

As is customary at UMBowl, the band kicks off nearly every quarter with a video shot for this event. They've taken this opportunity to promote some upcoming shows, recap the year that was, or share a little slice of that Umphrey's humor. This year, along with the Around the Horn themed introduction, the band did a parody of the famous restaurant scene in Goodfellas. Bayliss does his best Joe Pesci after Stasik calls him "funky" (the original line in the movie is "funny"), leading to the famous exchange.

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If you had to pick between the Almost Famous parody or this one--where do you land? Both are Academy Award-worthy performances but it looks like the Goodfellas interpretation definitely fit the actors' style more. And, how can anyone forget Myers in the corner doing his best De Niro impression?



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