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Video: Umphrey’s McGee Deliver the “Final Word” in Austin

April 23, 2014

Photo: Phil Clarkin

In an upcoming piece in Relix, frontman Brendan Bayliss told us that "when you go out to a rock show, you want to have a good time" and that "you don't want to be like 'whoa, life is difficult.'" Well, that doesn't entirely apply to this next song, "Final Word," which the band has shared via the stunning TourGigs broadcast. The "Raw Stewage" selection turned full-fledged song (Reminder: UMBowl is NEXT WEEK) pulls at all the heart strings as Bayliss guides the band to a roaring peak. Who says rock bands can't get emotional? Def Leppard approves.

Watch the full replay below and be sure to check out Umphrey's in a town near you this summer and pre-order their new record Similar Skin due out on June 10.


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