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Video: Tim Cowlishaw Introduces Umphrey’s McGee

by Rob Slater on April 26, 2014

Let's revisit some of the great bromances in history: Walt and Jesse, Jimmy and Justin, Wayne and Garth, Harry and Lloyd, and now--Umphrey's McGee and Around the Horn? That's right, the popular ESPN show is head over heels for the Chicago sextet and they took more steps to make it official the other night during the band's show in Dallas, TX. Local reporter Tim Cowlishaw took the stage to introduce the band as "The Official House Band of Around the Horn." Fallon has The Roots, and now Reali has Umphrey's. Game on.

As you may recall, ATH host Tony Reali joined the band on stage for a performance of "Layla," a tune the host calls one of his favorite ever, and also sat down with us to talk about the experience and his longtime fandom with the band.

The following day on the show, Cowlishaw spoke further about introducing the band and the kind, encouraging words given to him by Brendan Bayliss prior to taking the stage.



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