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Video: The Decemberists, Jeff Tweedy and Yo La Tengo Play Parks & Rec Unity Concert

by Rob Slater on April 25, 2014

Pawnee and Eagleton finally came together for the highly-anticipated Unity Concert last night during the season finale of Parks and Recreation. The episode featured appearances from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, The Decemberists, Yo La Tengo and more.

Jeff Tweedy reunited his beloved local group Land Ho! for the show and even joined Andy's Mouse Rat for a meeting of great musical minds. Next up were The Decemberists who broke their three-year live hiatus to perform "The Crane Wife 3" at the Unity show. Yo La Tengo appeared as Bobby Night Ranger, performing "Sister Christian" consecutively much to the dismay of the crowd. They capped their performance with a chair throw in honor of the famed Indiana basketball coach.

The finale came with all members on stage for a rendition of "Little Sebastian," the Mouse Rat original penned for the fallen horse. Duke Silver (Ron Swanson) even jumped on stage for a quick sax solo. Needless to say, it's a must-see. Watch the full episode below.



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