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Video: Stephen Colbert Talks the “Phishification” of The Black Keys

by Rob Slater on May 14, 2014

Sometimes the album promotional cycle can drag on--and then you visit Stephen Colbert and it seems fun again. The Black Keys visited the future Late Show host to talk all things Turn Blue which is available now via Nonesuch Records.

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Among the highlights include Colbert and the band reminiscing about the last time they were on the show and administered a prostate exam on the host. Colbert also noted the unusual amount of instrumentation on the album, asking humorously if this was the "Phishification" of The Black Keys.

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Dan Auerbach also shared a story about seeing The Grateful Dead as a 13-year old in Cleveland, OH. The guitarist didn't remember much about the show, but did recall the boisterous reaction when Jerry Garcia walked on stage. "He thought Jerry was Santa Claus," quips drummer Patrick Carney.

Watch the replay of the interview below along with performances of "Fever" and the title track--"Turn Blue."

Interview and "Fever"

"Turn Blue"



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