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Video: St. Vincent Plays “Name That Song” with Hilarious Results

by Rob Slater on August 27, 2014

Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, bravely participated in a game of Name That Song for the French website Sourdoreille and the results are fascinating. The premise of the game was simple--Clark had 30 seconds to name the song played for her. Seems easy enough, right? Not quite.

The blind test featured some artists close to her musical career such as the Talking Heads (Clark and David Byrne collaborated on 2012's Love This Giant) and Polyphonic Spree, although Clark couldn't name the latter, citing the fact that she didn't play that song while she was in the group. The anger rightfully turned to the person selecting the songs after one of Sufjan Stevens' "bullshit Christmas tracks" was deliberately used to trip her up.

In the end, one of the most redeeming qualities of this clip is to hear Clark discuss some of her influences, including reading Miles Davis' biography, covering the Talking Heads with David Byrne and praising young up and comers Disclosure and Darkside.

Watch the full video below (via Consequence of Sound):



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