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Video: Revisiting the Bangor Soundcheck

by Rob Slater on July 01, 2014

As Phish prepare to take the stage tonight in Mansfield, MA at the venue forever known as Great Woods to kick off their summer tour, it only seems appropriate to look back at the last summer tour opener in Bangor, ME. While the show itself birthed a few highlights in its own right, all anyone could talk about afterwards was the electric soundcheck that many were able to capture.

Running through tunes like "Corona," "Frost" and "Yarmouth Road," the band then dug into "My Soul" and launched into a mega jam seemingly out of nowhere, starting with some light noodling and eventually building into an atmospheric section that never let up. While they dabbled in some of these themes during the show (see the second set opening "Golden Age"), the soundcheck reigned supreme in the end. Thankfully, it exists on YouTube forever. The big jam starts at 17:35.

For the actual show, the band dug into some of their more seasoned material to ease into the summer including this particularly punchy version of "Wolfman's Brother," the band's first true improv of the summer. Check it out.



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