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Video: Real Estate Cover The Cranberries’ “Linger”

by Rob Slater on August 19, 2014

Real Estate took the stage as a part of A.V. Club's Undercover series to deliver their rendition of The Cranberries' 1993 hit "Linger." The Atlas rockers put a loose, dreamy spin on the track and stretched out some of the sections into more of an instrumental piece, making it one of the better takes on the song you'll hear.

For those of you scoring at home, this marks yet another interesting cover for the band in recent months as they dipped into the Grateful Dead's "He's Gone" in San Francisco, CA as well as a take on The Nerves' "Paper Dolls" to open their set at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

Watch the replay below.

Tags: grateful dead, real estate, the cranberries, the nerves

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