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Video Premiere: Mingo Fishtrap “On Time”

May 21, 2014

Austin-based 8-piece, Mingo Fishtrap, will release their latest album on June 3 via Blue Corn Music. On Time presents more of the old school R&B and blue-eyed soul that has come to define the group. Today we premiere the video for the title track. Mingo Fishtrap's Roger Blevins explains,"This song started off as a reaction to a conversation I'd had with a friend about American Idol and that kind of thing, talking about how we're kind of losing the idea of cultivating a career through touring and a growing body of work. I was a little older than this other guy I was discussing it with. He was pissed at the whole idea of the 'instant star.' I get where he was coming from, but I told him that some of those kids have a lot of talent, and it's great if they can bring that into the world and bring some joy to someone. There are many paths. I guess that was the point. There are hurdles and pitfalls no matter what. Most of my musical heroes had colorful journeys, time to grow and gain perspective. A lot of sweat equity and a solid work ethic, but they probably would've taken that golden ticket in a heartbeat, so no hating here. If it's good, it's good. All that being said, I kinda doubt you're ever gonna get an Otis Redding or a Joe Cocker out of a show like that. But, if someone can bring a little light into the world, that's a beautiful thing. It felt like an important enough sentiment to us to make it the title track."


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