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Video Premiere: Kingsley Flood “Try”

February 15, 2017

Kingsley Flood is a group equally known for its volcanic live shows and for bandleader Naseem Khuri’s nuanced songwriting, which often explores questions of race and social class. Today we premiere for ‘Try” the second track on the band’s latest album Another Other (which available now on iTunes, Amazon and at the group's website). The video collects some of the murals in Washington, DC that reflect those DC's historic neighborhoods.

As for the song itself, Khuri explains, “I wrote this tune after seeing an older couple in a restaurant not say a word to each other their entire dinner. It freaked me out. A lot of our latest album focuses on this fear I have that change - on the political or the personal level - is hard to come by. Maybe that's an idea that runs through our video as well (and, I just really wanted to shoot a video showing off the amazing murals scattered across Washington, DC). So I'm staring at this couple, nervous that age automatically leads to complacency. I swore in that moment that if I ever realized I was that set in my ways, I would find a way to change and to inject some life into my life. Then I finally stopped staring at them because it was getting awkward.”