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Video Premiere: Buffalo Killers “Weird One”

September 30, 2014

Buffalo Killers next studio album will be called Fireball of Sulk. It will be released on November 24 (click here to pre-order). In anticipation of that record, today we premiere the band's official video for "Weird One."

The group's Zach Gabbard tells Relix, "Fireball of Sulk was recorded during the non-ending winter of 2013/14 in Northern Ohio. We missed the first day due to an ice storm. Andy and I had written and recorded demos for the boys and listened to them on the way to the studio. It was the first exposure for Joey and Sven. We locked ourselves in the studio for 3 days to rehearse and record and filmed the entire experience. 'Weird one' comes from those lost, pre-drug days when all you wanted to do was get away from your parents, dye your hair and drive around with your friends."