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Video: Music Vault Offers Full Shows from the Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, James Brown and More

by Rob Slater on July 11, 2014

As concert video on YouTube becomes the norm, the folks behind Wolfgang's Vault have presented Music Vault, a comprehensive library of musical footage from the last 50 years spanning nearly ever genre and era. This will surely be the reason you get absolutely nothing done today and in the future.

To make it easy for fans, they have split up the footage into a series of playlists, with a "Best of" section along with "Face-Melting Guitar Solos" and "Legends of the Fillmore East" as well as some of their favorite footage of some of the best drummers of all time. To put it simply--there is something for everyone here.

You can check out a variety of videos at the link posted earlier, but check out a few highlights including the Grateful Dead on New Year's Eve in '79 as well as the Allman Brothers, James Brown, Rage Against the Machine and an early look at Wilco from 1996.

Grateful Dead | 12/31/79

James Brown | 1/26/86

Allman Brothers Band | 7/12/86

Wilco | 11/27/96

Rage Against the Machine | 7/24/99



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