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Video: Mike Gordon Tries to Win Woman’s Affection By Building House, Fails Miserably

by Rob Slater on April 10, 2014

Music videos these days are too standard, bland and straightforward. So, at the very least, credit Mike Gordon for touching the senses in his new video for "Yarmouth Road." Unlike most videos, this one tells a story--albeit an odd one.

See, Mike is trying to win over this lady by building her a house. He travels to Target, Home Depot, Dick's Sporting Goods and the like to gather supplies, even working in some time for skiing and kayaking in between vigorous construction sessions. He finally finishes his masterpiece but, oh no, (SPOILER ALERT) she doesn't like it! Mike is heartbroken. He hops in his Toyota Tacoma and jets off to greener pastures. Or, more likely, Phish rehearsal.

Enjoy the video below, and keep in mind that This Week In GIFs hits tomorrow. This will be included.



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