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Video: Leonardo DiCaprio Busts a Move to MGMT at Coachella

by Rob Slater on April 13, 2014

MGMT delivered their unique brand of psych pop/rock much to delight of the Coachella crowd. As the dust swirled and the sun set, festival-goers danced into the night to such staple such as "Kids," "The Youth" and "Electric Feel," among others. One such festival-goer happened to be The Wolf of Wall Street himself, Leonardo DiCaprio. Thanks to this tweet his cover was blown, but thankfully everyone in attendance let him do his thing, as he was clearly enjoying the show. Unfortunately, he didn't break out any dance moves like he displayed in Wolf of Wall Street.

Here's a video of Leo getting down:

And now you can also watch MGMT's full set from last night:



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