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Video: Josh Homme Plays Carrie Brownstein’s Brother on Portlandia

by Rob Slater on April 15, 2014

If Portlandia and Parks and Recreation are competing for best musical guests, Portlandia is winning. First it was Tunde from TV on the Radio, then Annie Clark and Jeff Tweedy. This week's episode boasted an appearance from Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme as Carrie Brownstein's gay brother who brings his boyfriend (played by comedian Nick Swardson) of "four or five weeks" to visit.

The comedy comes when Carrie and Fred assume the lovebirds want to drink pinot and redecorate their apartment. The guys, who dabble in jaegerbombs and bar fights, trash the place like rock stars leading to an awkward morning after conversation with their hosts. Take a look below.



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