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Video: John Popper Offers Advice to Young Musicians

by Rob Slater on February 11, 2014

Blues Traveler's John Popper stopped by CNBC's The Kudlow Report to discuss the popularity of online streaming services and just how young musicians manage to make a buck in this industry. The answer, as Popper states, is to get out on the road, play your music and sell tickets. "Never count on a royalty check," Popper says, as they have become smaller and smaller over the years.

In the light of the newest popular streaming service Beats Music, launched by Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor in January, the topic of musician's livelihoods has never been more prevalent. Musicians like Thom Yorke have spoken out against services like Spotify, even going as far as to pull his material from Spotify. Pearl Jam famously fought Ticketmaster in the '90s, with the fued even reaching the courts. While it doesn't appear as if anyone is ready to take Spotify and Pandora to a judge, there is certainly trouble in paradise. Listen to Popper's thoughts below.



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