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Video: James Murphy is Making Music with Tennis Data

by Rob Slater on August 28, 2014

You read that correctly. Over in Flushing, NY at the moment, the U.S. Open is taking place and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy intends on scoring it (I liked his subway idea better, personally), sort of. The folks over at IBM teamed up with the former LCD mastermind to create a musical soundtrack to the sport using actual data from the tennis matches themselves. Essentially, IBM created an algorithm that turns each match into its own musical piece based on the score, flow and other qualities of the game. Who knows what will become of the estimated 400 hours of music that they'll have at the end of the tournament, but I guess we'll have to see.

Watch a video of Murphy working with the data and an explanation of what the hell is actually going on and then head over to the U.S. Open website to see it in action:



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