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Video: Eddie Vedder Takes a Drink of Wine From a Shoe

by Rob Slater on June 30, 2014

You read that correctly. Eddie Vedder took a swig of wine from a fan's shoe during the band's show in Stockholm this past weekend. There are many unique things at work here. First of all, why did the fan decide to throw his shoe on stage and why the hell was Vedder's first reaction to drink wine out of it?! Either way, for a man who has made a living leaping into crowds of people from incredible heights in the name of rock and roll, even this seems kind of dangerous.

Lately with Pearl Jam, you just never know what you're going to get. Whether they're cutting a fan's hair on stage, covering "Let It Go" or playing uber rare tunes, PJ has been as unpredictable as ever over the last few months and that's a very good thing despite the whole drinking out of a shoe incident.



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