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Video: Daft Punk’s Grammy Rehearsal Is Amazing

March 20, 2014

Daft Punk's epic return to the stage at this year's Grammy Awards was nothing short of a spectacle. The lights, the Stevie Wonder appearance and subsequent lyrical flub, Pharrell's hat, Nile Rodgers laying down the sex funk. All that was missing to make the moment perfect was the announcement of the 2014 Daft Punk World Tour. Regardless, it was wonderful.

Now, thanks to some internet sleuths, you can watch footage from their rehearsal which features a much cleaner performance as well as a cutaway to Paul McCartney just hanging out in the sparse crowd. Just Sir Paul, music royalty, hanging out by himself watching Daft Punk. Doesn't beat his dance moves (and everyone else's) during the performance, though.


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