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Video: Bruce Springsteen Has All The Sports Takes You Need

by Rob Slater on June 25, 2014

There are those rare moments when TMZ happens upon something worthwhile, and this happens to be one of those times. A cameraman for TMZ Sports "ran into" Bruce Springsteen on the streets of New York as The Boss enjoys some time off from his tour to discuss the hot topics in sports.

Among them were Luis Suarez's (called "Sanchez" here) biting incident yesterday in the World Cup as well as the impending free agency decisions of NBA stars LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. When asked if he would ever follow in the footsteps of Bon Jovi and purchase a professional sports team (Bon Jovi owns the Philadelphia Soul of the ARENA Football League), he simply responded: "Rock and roll is hard enough."

Bruce Springsteen is also a Heat fan, because he's a winner. Fun fact: The Heat used Bruce's "The Rising" as they celebrated their 2013 NBA Championship. Watch that video here as well as all of the sports takes from The Boss.



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