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Video: Arcade Fire Welcome President Obama on Stage, Win Butler Saves Fan

by Rob Slater on April 11, 2014

Arcade Fire is back in the states for their Reflektor tour and plenty has happened in their first few shows to report on. During their first two shows in Win Butler's home state of Texas, the band has covered Blondie's "Heart of Glass," paraded through the crowd during "Wake Up" and invited several political figures on stage.

While both nights featured a digital bobblehead of Texas Governor Rick Perry, none other than President Obama himself graced the Arcade Fire stage during last night's show. Not sure if the band knew (they probably did) but the actual President Obama was also in Texas during the show. Also joining Obama and Perry was none other than Pope Francis. For those keeping score at home, that's a mayor, senator, governor, president and pope who have made it onto the Arcade Fire stage. Technology is awesome.

Check out a clip of the band covering Prince's "Controversy" with Pope Francis on stage.

In other, more disturbing news, a video has surfaced of an audience member in the front row during the band's Cleveland show who was clearly in need of some assistance. Frontman Win Butler stopped the band midway through "Sprawl II" to run to the aid of this young person. Butler, along with the help of some security, pulled the unconscious person out of the crowd where he was then whisked off to (hopefully) safety.



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