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Video: Arcade Fire Kick off Reflektor Tour

by Rob Slater on March 07, 2014

After months of secret shows, crazy bobble heads, random forays overseas, Arcade Fire finally kicked off their Reflektor Tour proper last night in Louisville, KY. As was expected, the band mixed in plenty of hijinks including a man in a mirrored costume as well as the band appearing on a stage at the back of the venue to open the show acoustically with "My Body Is a Cage."

One of the big takeaways from the band's opening night was the elaborate production that seemingly drew from Radiohead's King of Limbs tour. Alas, the stage was also not short on reflective material, which the band utilized during the seven Reflektor tunes they played throughout the night. Check out videos of "Flashbulb Eyes," "Neighborhood #3," "Normal Person," "Rebellion (Lies)" and the show-closing "Wake Up."

"Flashbulb Eyes" > "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)"

"Normal Person" > "Rebellion (Lies)"

"Wake Up"



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