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Trey Anastasio Band Dip Into The Breaking Bad Soundtrack

by Rob Slater on January 29, 2014

Trey Anastasio Band kicked off their 2014 Winter Tour with the first of two shows at Denver's Ogden Theatre. Along with old material from Trey's solo catalog along with new cuts from the recent Traveler, TAB debuted a cover of Ana Tijoux's "1977." Most Breaking Bad fanatics will recognize the tune from Season 4 of the show, where it was featured in a scene with Mike and Jesse wandering throughout the New Mexico desert collecting drug money. Trombonist Natalie Cressman took on the vocal challenge, rapping away in Spanish and doing a fine job throughout. Listen to the performance from last night below.

We can only hope that next time they'll cover "The Ballad of Heisenberg" with Chainsaw on vocals. Speaking of, "Chainsaw" would've been a great nickname for a bad guy on Breaking Bad. Much better than "Crazy 8." Tread lightly, TAB. Here is "1977" on Breaking Bad.



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