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Video Premiere: Danny Black “The Beekeeper” (Live by The River)

March 16, 2017

The debut record from Danny Black (alias for Philadelphia guitarist Dan Schwartz), Adventure Soundtrack, arrived in February and today we're proud to premiere an intimate live version of "The Beekeeper" from that album. 

On the tune, Schwartz says, "The Beekeeper is a little bit different from the other songs on Adventure Soundtrack. It's the only one that's a solo classical guitar piece. However, one thing that makes it like all the songs on the album is that I had a little movie in my head that I was attempting to score. The idea is that you see a man getting all geared up to work with his bees and it's very peaceful and calm but when he gets there they suddenly swarm and all hell breaks loose. We did this video on a really cold day in Philadelphia in Fairmount Park. I could barely feel my fingers! I played it on my Esteve classical, this is definitely a really fun song to play with it's driving feel and constant changes."

Listen below.