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Premiere: SOJA Shares “Moving Stones” from Forthcoming Album

October 10, 2017

Photo Credit: Hiroki Nishiokia

SOJA's new studio album Poetry In Motion will be released on October 27 via ATO Records. This is the follow-up to 2016's Live In Virginia, which was was nominated for a  Best Reggae Album Grammy, as was their prior studio effort, 2014's Amid The Noise and Haste.  The new record continues to explore themes of social responsibility and awareness.

Today we premiere the official lyric video for "Moving Stones." SOJA frontman Jacob Hemphill tells Relix that the song is about a journey of healing and peacemaking. The song was inspired by the Polynesian concept of 'Ho’oponopono' – a harmonious relationship between people, nature and a Spirit or higher power. Within this concept there is a parable that all children are born with a perfect 'bowl of light.' As we grow older and experience feelings or thoughts, such as envy or resentfulness that take away from our 'pono' or harmonious life, we are adding stones to our bowl and reducing the light in it. If we don’t attend to this light and seek to heal ourselves and those we may have wronged, our bowls can be quickly filled with so many stones that no light can get out. Moving Stones talks about becoming aware of those stones and starting the process of removing them one by one conscious

Poetry In Motion is now available for pre-order, and offers an instant download of “Moving Stones" along with “Fire In The Sky,” “More” and “Bad News.”