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Video: Phish Revives “Fluffhead” in 3.0 Debut

by Rob Slater on March 06, 2014

Five years ago today, Phish returned to the stage in Hampton, VA for what would become known as the 3.0 era. Since then, we've watched a band that departed in 2004 a broken, sad caricature of themselves blossom into their second prime right before our eyes. From Hampton to Bonnaroo to Miami to The Garden and all the way out to Tahoe and the Gorge, Phish isn't content settling into the nostalgia act role and they prove that every summer. With a new album on the horizon, it also appears as if Vermont's finest aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

In the end, however, this day is about remembering where you were on March 6, 2009 when you saw the word "Fluffhead" appear on your Twitter, Facebook, iPhone or wherever. And if you were one of the lucky 10,000 or so in the Hampton Coliseum that night, you surely won't forget any time soon. This time, Page McConnell got emotional for all the right reasons, and Phish was back. Relive that joyous moment as we reflect on five years of Phish 3.0 today.



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