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January/February 2018 Relix Magazine Sampler: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real "Forget About Georgia"
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Celebrate Jimmy Herring’s Birthday with Full-Show Video from Meeting of the Spirits with John McLaughlin

January 22, 2018

Jimmy Herring is currently most known for his tenure as lead guitarist for Widespread Panic, but the musician has built quite a legacy for himself over the years, and Herring added another notch to it when he set out on the mind-blowing Meeting of the Spirits tour featuring another legendary guitarist, John McLaughlin of Mahavishnu Orchestra fame. 

In honor of Herring's 56th birthday, we're looking back to fall 2017, when Herring and McLaughlin took their collaborative show to The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, near the end of the Spirits tour. After leading their own bands in respective sets, the two guitarists came together with their compatriots to offer a third set of Mahavishnu music and perform some fretboard magic with the notoriously intricate tunes. 

Watch below and consult the full setlist from the night. Also, read the Relix interview with Herring and McLaughlin where they discuss the tour and much more here.

Jimmy Herring & The Invisible Whip
John McLaughlin, Les Brers in A Minor, Jungle Book, 1911, Matt's Funk, Black Satin, Scapegoat Blues

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension
Kiki, Miles Beyond, Gaza City, El Hombre Que SabĂ­a, Senor C.S., Echoes From Then

Mahavishnu Orchestra set
Meeting of the Spirits, Trilogy, Lotus on Irish Stream, Eternity's Breath, Dawn, Birds of Fire, Earth Ship, Dance of Maya

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