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MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Discusses Phish, Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic in Very Random Tangent

January 04, 2017

You intellects out there who like to start your day with some political talk got a healthy dose of jam this morning as MSNBC's Morning Joe somehow landed on a segment that included a discussion of Phish, Widespread Panic and the Grateful Dead. 

As Jambase uncovered, it all started out with Washington Post panelist Bob Costa, whose Phish fandom was uncovered by host Joe Scarborough. Costa then mentioned that he and co-host Willie Geist hit a couple of the Madison Square Garden shows over the weekend. "He smelled like patchouli every morning," Geist joked to which Costa responded, "Willie was playing 'Fluffhead' in between segments." 

Costa mentioned Scarborough seemed "more like a Grateful Dead guy" to which the host responded that he prefers his songs to be a "minute and a half" tops. "I'm not one of these jamband guys," he said. Widespread Panic and "Spreadhead" were also thrown out there during this rather refreshing deviation from the current political landscape. 

Watch below. 

Tags: grateful dead, phish, widespread panic

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