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Reminder: “Tube” Has Not Eclipsed Ten Minutes in Thirteen Years

July 25, 2017

On "Jam-Filled" night at The Garden, let's just issue a very friendly reminder that "Tube" has yet to surpass the ten-minute mark since 2004. 

The seemingly never-ending quest to return the song to its glory days could very well come to an end tonight when Phish looks to fill out what should be a very jam-heavy show.

Not to say there haven't been good versions in the modern-era of Phish. The July 23, 2016 Chula Vista "Tube" topped nine-minutes and showed some real promise. Later that summer at Dick's, it went for eight again. But never that Type II funk monster it used to be. 

So, today on "Jam-Filled" night, let us toast to the return of "Tube." Hopefully. 


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