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Listen: Deer Tick and The Hold Steady Cover Each Other

by Rob Slater on April 17, 2014

The Hold Steady and Deer Tick are about to embark on a joint tour that will last until April 30. In preparation, the bands had some fun with each other's material, issuing covers of the other band's song. The Hold Steady selected Deer Tick's "Easy" from their 2009 album Born on Flag Day while Deer Tick added their flavor to "Constructive Summer" from 2008's Stay Positive. Check out both recordings below via AV Club.

On the collaboration, The Hold Steady's Craig Finn said, "I think that ‘Easy’ was the first Deer Tick song I ever heard and I’ve always thought it had a really cool vibe. It gives me the chills when John [McCauley] does that line about the devil in his eyes. The song is classic Deer Tick, it’s rock and roll that’s passionate and knowing.”

Deer Tick's Ian O'Neil also had some kind words for Finn, "Craig Finn can bring you right back to the time in your life when partying went hand in hand with ambition. ‘Constructive Summer’ reminds me how rock and roll’s simplicity gives power to heart instead intellectualism.”



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