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Let’s Talk About These Cool Umphrey’s McGee Post-Show Infographs

by Rob Slater on February 12, 2016

Umphrey's McGee just gets it. Today Team UM unveiled one of their cooler social media ideas with a post-show infograph, starting with last night's show at Penn's Peak in some place called Jim Thorpe, PA. In it, you will find the full setlist, notable stats and a quick "Fun Fact" about that particular venue, city or show. 

The art of the infograph is one that exists in the sports world primarily (here is a cool thing the Miami Heat put out every postgame) but to see it spilling over to the music game, particularly a group with a catalog as extensive as Umphrey's, will surely be interesting. Credit to the UM Stats Department for crunching the numbers and presenting them to the people in a shareable graphic like the one below. Stay tuned tomorrow for another one, presumably, as the band continues their run into Washington, DC. 



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