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Josh Homme Slams Imagine Dragons, Grammys

by Rob Slater on February 12, 2014

Josh Homme had some rather strong words for Imagine Dragons and the Grammys during the Queens of the Stone Age show in Houston. This video is making the rounds as Homme, somewhat lightheartedly, introduces the next song ("I Appear Missing") by saying "this next one is by Imagine Dragons." Of course, that statement was met by a chorus of boos, as Imagine Dragons beat out QOTSA for Best Rock Performance at the Grammys.

To add insult to injury, Homme's performance at the awards show alongside Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Lindsey Buckingham was cut short due to time restrictions. Reznor tweeted his feelings immediately. Homme, who looks more and more like Brody from Homeland everyday, responded in a fairly similar way last night, saying "fuck everything, fuck the man, fuck Imagine Dragons, fuck the Grammys." Eloquently put, Josh. Watch the replay below.

Imagine Dragons' performance at the Grammys wasn't cut short, as the Las Vegas rockers stole the show with a stunning performance of "Radioactive" featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar inserting his song "M.A.A.d City" throughout, making this an unlikely, wonderful surprise during a fairly predictable awards show.



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