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John Mayer’s Grateful Dead Track of the Day: Studio “Althea”

May 19, 2017

Earlier this week we told you about John Mayer's plan to get everyone into the Grateful Dead with a one-song-a-day plan until the start of Dead & Company's tour next week. He started with a live take on "Sugaree" and now has delivered one of his first favorite Dead tunes--"Althea." 

Speaking to Relix, Mayer recounted the moment he first heard the studio track of the Go to Heaven song. "Everything just seemed to stop. I went, 'What is that?' because, as a guitar player, I had managed to burrow pretty deep into all the things that can happen on a guitar neck. Guitar players get to a point where they’re deep enough into their instrument where they can visualize what someone’s playing. Especially if I’m falling asleep and listening to music, I can watch the fretboard and map it. But I listened to this, and it was like I had never played an instrument."

Listen below. 


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