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John Mayer Chimes in with His Favorite Albums of the Year

July 12, 2017

In the world of the internet where everything must be ranked, filed and ordered, album rankings are the talk of the town at the halfway point of the year. 

John Mayer chimed in with his very own ranking of three, offering up Paramore's After Laughter, Ryan Adams' Prisoner and Kendrick Lamar's comeback with DAMN

Now, we've already told you about Paramore's album, endorsed by both Mayer and Adams as well as Jason Isbell. Adams' Prisoner has been well-documented around here as well as the budding friendship between the two guitarists. Lamar's DAMN. speaks for itself as one of the very best records of the year, as it always is when Kendrick decides he's ready to release his latest project. 

This is the time where all of those opposed jump into the comment section angrily. Go for it.