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Jack White’s Lazaretto Ultra LP Will Feature Holograms and Hidden Tracks

by Rob Slater on May 06, 2014

Jack White's forthcoming album Lazaretto will feature an Ultra LP--and it is quite simply the most ridiculous thing you'll read all day. Most musicians throw in a special bonus track of cute photo book with their vinyl package but White has surely upped the ante.

The rocker claims that him, along with the team at Third Man Records, created a truly one-of-a-kind LP that includes hidden tracks, holograms and different intros, mixes and more.

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Let's review some of the key amenities of the Lazaretto Ultra LP:

  • Side A plays inside-out, beginning closest to the label and moving outward where it ends with a locked groove that plays on a loop forever.
  • Two hidden songs are embedded beneath the center labels in a way where you wouldn't otherwise expect it to be, as the grooves aren't visible
  • Side A also contains a hologram of a floating angel that appears while the album spins if you look at it from the right angle
  • Side B begins with "Just One Drink" and contains two different intros--one acoustic and one electric--that utilizes double groove technology before the two tracks merge into one

White offered a guided tell-all about the LP and all of the special incentives that come with ordering the Ultra LP.



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