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I’m Here for Joe Russo Giving John Mayer Shit About His New Hair on Twitter

July 06, 2017

If you're not perusing Instagram on a daily basis, you're probably unaware that John Mayer unveiled a new, uh, hairstyle towards the end of Dead & Company's tour. He calls it "Autumn Sunrise" and it's, well, see for yourself. 

While Mayer was pondering aloud what exactly to do with himself post-Dead & Company tour, Joe Russo expertly quipped that he could always do something with his hair. In a tweet that could've easily gotten lost over the 4th of July holiday, this is one we must preserve forever. 
Friends don't let friends get frosted tips, so this is a case where the shit you get for making a rash personal decision (like that friend who wears painter caps) is warranted. And usually, the harshest of criticisms is best received from good friends.

Here's Mayer, with his normal hair, sitting in with Russo and Almost Dead back in October for "Touch of Grey."