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I Can’t Get Enough of Phish’s “Donut Takes New York” Photos

Rob Slater | July 13, 2017

On the countdown to the Baker's Dozen, Phish is parading a lucky donut around New York City and posting a photo of its adventures on Twitter. If you didn't already know, these are some of the most mesmerizing photos on the internet today. 

I mean, look at that guy just flying through the air on a hot summer day. Sprinkles and all as he takes in the sights in Downtown Manhattan. 

And here he is hanging out on a Citi bike!

That's a wet donut, but I bet I'd still eat it. In fact, I know I would. 

Times Square Cookie Monster holding a donut with an ultra-confused look on his face gives me life. 

This donut looks so content just hanging out by the river. 

Donut street food. Aces.