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Here’s Bob Weir, Dave Matthews, Flea and Ziggy Marley Roasting the Hell Out of Woody Harrelson

Rob Slater | January 14, 2017

On January 19, for some reason, Woody Harrelson will film a live movie titled Lost in London. The "why" of this idea is unimportant but a bunch of celebrities and musicians have come together in the name of stopping the actor (and Fare Thee Well attendee) including a couple you might recognize. Namely, Bob Weir, Dave Matthews, Flea and Ziggy Marley.

"Go back to making zombie movies like you and I and everyone know you should be," Weir joked. An incredulous and confused Matthews yelled at Harrelson while driving in the rain in Seattle while Flea took a more docile approach. Marley (who has previously recorded with Harrelson) said it is in fact a great idea, but "not every great idea should be tried." Agreed.

Watch below via Vanity Fair.