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Here’s Bob Weir, Dave Matthews, Flea and Ziggy Marley Roasting the Hell Out of Woody Harrelson

by Rob Slater on January 14, 2017

On January 19, for some reason, Woody Harrelson will film a live movie titled Lost in London. The "why" of this idea is unimportant but a bunch of celebrities and musicians have come together in the name of stopping the actor (and Fare Thee Well attendee) including a couple you might recognize. Namely, Bob Weir, Dave Matthews, Flea and Ziggy Marley.

"Go back to making zombie movies like you and I and everyone know you should be," Weir joked. An incredulous and confused Matthews yelled at Harrelson while driving in the rain in Seattle while Flea took a more docile approach. Marley (who has previously recorded with Harrelson) said it is in fact a great idea, but "not every great idea should be tried." Agreed.

Watch below via Vanity Fair.

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